Rusudan Karkadze Georgia As a teacher, I like sharing experiences with my students and fellow teachers I am an English language mentor teacher, teacher trainer, online facilitator (teacher,trainer,facilitator) This is my country : Georgia It is me Why I am here is quite simple …. My professional story started at my elementary school where I was impressed by my English teacher and made my mind to become a teacher. Years passed and my decision was so firm and her influence was so great on me that I took teaching as my major and favorite profession and I am pretty sure I will be doing the same till the end of my life .. I am from Georgia, not a state of America , but a small country , located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. I was this year’s FTEA finalist cause I proved that as an educator I can make changes in my community, to help my fellow colleagues, to teach m
I share with you my dear partners the fruit of the work of my students in our project "I am SAFE" grouped in this Wakelet collection that the director of my school has published on the Facebook page of our school Ali Ennouri prep school as a great dissemination :  https://wke.lt/w/s/67XiT8
certificate from Europe Code Week. My students worked an activity with minecraft game to promot our project
The most beautiful street-art works inspired by the epidemic https://prezi.com/view/FYz99moO29AsWUp7j8yo/
Anis's class ,tayeb mhiri school (tunisia ) the international conference " effective pedagogical strategies in teaching learning during and after covid-19" on 29th-30 june 2020

Our Event in Tayeb Mhiri high School Tunisia (Henda's team)

28 -05- 2020   28 -05- 2020   Our volunteer action in Tayeb Mhiri High school,we participate in this action together as Henda's group to contribute to the success of the return of the baccalaureate students by giving them sanitizers and masks to protect themselves and others I'M S.A.F.E